End of an era

LostsupperI guess I’m probably the billionth blogger to write about this but hey, this show deserves it.

Lost has come to an end after six years, the finale left many questions still unanswered but I still found it satisfying and fitting to the show. Incidentally I happened to be in the United States on 22 September 2004 and incidentally I watched the pilot of some new show called “Lost”. I had no idea what to think of it back then and never got around to watching more than half of season 1 when shortly after I returned to Europe where it would be a while before the show was on. It wasn’t until years later that I gave the show a second try and got hooked. Certain “aspects” of the internet enabled me to watch the show at my own (fast) pace and I eventually caught up with season 3. Storylines became increasingly complex and strange, but then again, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

When I heard season 6 would wrap up the show according to the writers’ design I was glad this wasn’t going to be another John Doe, FlashForward or Firefly. The finale itself was pretty decent though it wouldn’t have hurt to give us some more answers about the nature of the island and the two supermen (Jacob and the Man In Black/Fake Locke) who controlled it. I especially liked the writers’ self parody in several scenes like Rose and Bernard telling Desmond they want to stay out of all the drama that got him thrown in a well or Hurley telling Sayid about the “rules”, when Sayid asks “whose rules” Hurley answers with one of the shows’ mantras “Don’t worry about it, just trust me okay”, which was used to dead over the course of six seasons. Then there was the ending at the church where Jack learns the alternate timeline wasn’t a timeline at all (great mindfuck on the part of the writers). It was a sort of purgatory created by the minds of our Losties after they died. It was a timeless place where people who died at different times (sometimes years or even centuries apart in the case of Hurley who became the new Jacob after all) could find each other again, forgive each other (even your killer) and make amends with the things they had done during their lives before moving on to the other side where the difference between good and evil is meaningless.  It was a beautiful idea that fits right into Lost’s mythology of redemption and the thin line between good and evil, or the non-existence of such a line.

It’s not often that a show takes its characters this seriously and gives them a fitting and emotional goodbye, but Lost pulled it off, just like Battlestar Galactica did last year, both shows will alway remain among my favorites and “losing” their characters felt like losing a good friend.

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